Minx - Julia Quinn


Okay, the book was going along marvelously. Like, I swear, it was a really good, fun, and light read. I was going to squeal with delight during various moments.

At about 77% it all starts going downhill.

Worst? You see it coming and yet you cannot do anything about it.

In particular, the main female lead ruins it. Like, single-handedly, she manages to become the most annoying, stupid, overbearing, and pathetic character. There is insecurity and then there is plain dumb! And she's plain dumb. And she was pretty nice and likeable... until the 77% of the book. I'd give it 3 stars but I REALLY liked it all the way until she ruins it all and then when everything gets better again, then I continued really liking it.

But no.

Alas, external conflict can sometimes be bad, but when its internal character and the character manages to create this whole mess on her own and some make-believe scenario in her head... it's the worst.

I would actually recommend you all, dear readers, that when you see the "conflict" rearing its ugly head, you skip that part of the book entirely.