Splendid - Julia Quinn Alright, here we go again, right?

"Splendid" is quite a nice Regency Novel. It's definitely 'fluff' and very easy to read, and if you have a few hours and just want to be entertained, it will be a good book for the moment.

General comments:

1. Characters. The Characters were alright. Emma was a great female lead and she brought a certain spark to the page. Alex, on the other hand, was "meh". He had moments where he shone, but through most of the book he was rather two-dimensional. Plus, he had this ridiculous reaction halfway through the book that had me rooting for another male lead (see my comments as I read the book).

2. Plot. It was virtually non-existent. You basically read about Emma and Alex's relationship, but there is no REAL tension. In fact, the best parts of the book are actually the ending (which is GREAT) and another part where Emma sets out on a wild scheme of hers. Again, I didn't even need Alex there because Emma was such a great character. He was domineering and, honestly, chauvinistic.

All in all, it's not a bad read.