Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning And just like that I'm done with the Darkfever series!


1. It was ONE rough ride. This book had twists ALL the way to the ending. Just re-reading some of my comments, it's plain to see that I was in for a shock after another. Everything is completely unexpected and for that? A+

2.Mac and Jericho are wonderful lead characters. There ARE some two or three times where you want to pummel Mac, but other than that, she's pretty cool. They are SUCH a good team and I think they kept pushing the story onward.

3. Yes, finally, 5 books later you know who Jericho Barrons is and what are his motivations. This said, it takes time and there are still things that are left unsaid, but what IS said is more than enough. I don't need more details about him. He's an extraordinary character.

4. The truth behind the main plot points of the story... WILL shock you.

5. Important to know that some things are left... hanging... in a way... Karen Marie Moning has continued the series through another of the characters in the book. Nonetheless, Mac's story (at least her main story) ends here.

In general, as you would learn if you read this book, which I invite you to do, actions speak louder than words.

Action? I read this 600 page book within a 48 hour timeframe.